Full Time Nanny in London

Full and part-time nanny services in West, South West and North West London

When the care of your child is under consideration, it’s important to choose a nanny who has been vetted and employed by experienced providers of professional nannies. Sunlight Nannies can provide a full time nanny to families across London. Our nanny will provide loving support to your child whilst respecting your child rearing values.

A full time nanny will live in London within the home of their employing family, providing full time childcare for 50 hours a week spread over five days. A full time nanny will also have one or two nights of babysitting stipulated in their contracts. She can create a structured and disciplined atmosphere within which the child in their care can play, learn and read with their nanny.

A full time nanny can also maintain play areas as well as helping children to dress and implement a hygiene routine. She will cook healthy, well-balanced meals as well as carry out housekeeping tasks including your child’s laundry. Nannies must be provided with their own bedroom which, if possible, should include a private bathroom.

Having a full time nanny also means they can transport your child to and from anywhere in London, such as school, activities and play dates with friends. She may also accompany your family on outings.

If you live in or around South West London and are searching for a full time nanny who can ensure your child is given the love and attention they need, contact Sunlight Nannies today and we’ll be happy to introduce you to our nannies.